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Serving the nation

03-06-2020 : 0:00

The National People's Army, the worthy heir to the glorious National Liberation Army, has never wavered in its vital role and tireless efforts to ensure the continuity of the State preserve the sec...

Basics of recovery

02-06-2020 : 0:00

  The question of memory is the basis of the new Algeria, which instituted the day of 8 May 1945, "National Day of Memory", launched a television channel of international renown and instructed...

Memorial Duty

01-06-2020 : 0:00

The writing of our national history is a duty and a responsibility to present and future generations for the preservation of the collective memory. The Constitution is clear. "Since history is the...

Last bend

31-05-2020 : 0:00

  The last bend has begun. Since yesterday, the 15-day extension of the partial confinement for the majority of the provinces, due to carelessness and unacceptable laxity, came into force to s...


30-05-2020 : 0:00

The clear signs of an Algeria resolutely turned towards the future do not seem to suit a certain nostalgic France, walled in a past condemned forever by history. In a cyclical, almost obsessive way...

The "neo-Hirak" of all temptations...

28-05-2020 : 0:00

  The veil is beginning to lift on the neo-Hirak of programmed destabilization and foreign interference never denied and fundamentally rejected by the original peace movement. The presence of...

On the track

27-05-2020 : 0:00

  Members of the National People's Assembly began yesterday the sessions devoted to the debate on the supplementary finance bill for 2020. It should first be stressed that this text is part of...

The ultimate battle

26-05-2020 : 0:00

This will make the party even better. The Eid of the floods hoped for by all Algerians is the greatest mark of respect and meditation in memory of the victims of the pandemic, especially during Ram...

Wisdom and pragmatism

23-05-2020 : 0:00

Attentive to the evolution of the situation in the face of the spread of Covid-19, the authorities are reinforcing sanitary measures throughout the national territory, on the occasion of the celebr...

Maintaining guard

20-05-2020 : 0:00

  The government is working tirelessly to fulfill its duty to protect the health of our fellow citizens in the face of a global pandemic. The considerable resources allocated and the permanent...

Rationalization and productive investment

19-05-2020 : 0:00

  The supplementary finance law for 2020, adopted by the Council of Ministers, will soon be presented to the National People's Assembly, which will be called upon to debate and enrich the main...

Responsibility and unity

18-05-2020 : 0:00

Given the current situation, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune reiterated his priorities during his meeting with the High Security Council. In the face of developments at Covid-19, he stressed the nee...

Caution and vigilance

17-05-2020 : 0:00

Eid is approaching and apprehension is growing about a possible rebound of the pandemic. The reason for this is quite simply that the anarchic situation observed during the opening of shops has wei...

Rigor and responsibility

14-05-2020 : 0:00

The time has not yet come for total deconfinement, which some media, through mimicry, are trying to present as a model, even though it is being called into question by the appearance of new cluster...

Extreme vigilance

13-05-2020 : 0:00

After consultation with the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, announced the extension of the sanitary confinement for another 15 days. This decision makes it vital to...

Focus on productive investment

12-05-2020 : 0:00

  The verdict is in. The end of the school year was solemnly proclaimed at the exceptional Council of Ministers chaired by the President of the Republic, which validated the proposals of the i...

Budgetary rigor

10-05-2020 : 0:00

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune yesterday chaired an exceptional meeting of the Council of Ministers devoted to the continuation of the study and adoption of the draft supplementary finance bill for...

Preserving social achievements

05-05-2020 : 0:00

The commitments of the new republic are fulfilled. Despite the difficult financial situation, marked by the decline in foreign exchange reserves (from 51.6 to 44.2 billion dollars) and oil reven...

Health emergency and economic recovery

03-05-2020 : 0:00

Transparent communication, open to responsible and constructive dialogue, characterizes the new Republic on the move, which is laying the groundwork for a profound change in modes of governance, ba...

Rehabilitate work value

02-05-2020 : 0:00

Algeria celebrated International Workers' Day on 1 May, at a time when the economy has been strongly affected by the fallout from a sharp drop in oil prices and the adverse effects of an unpreceden...

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