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15-10-2019 : 0:00

The Independent National Electoral Authority and the Government continue to take all appropriate measures to ensure that the meeting on 12 December is held in an optimal manner, so that the people...

Rumors of arsonists ?

14-10-2019 : 0:00

Because the electoral process is set on solid tracks, with the right conditions of credibility and honesty in place, in order to bring it to a successful conclusion, panic is spreading among boycot...

Exiting the tunnel

12-10-2019 : 0:00

The presidential election of coming 12th  of  December is considered, by the majority of citizens, as a democratic event, where the place will be given to the confrontation of programs, f...

Without excess and With respect

09-10-2019 : 0:00

The ongoing electoral process is taking place in a positive atmosphere, with the announcement of more than 130 candidates to the Supreme judge who have withdrawn the subscription forms, at a time w...

Policy change

08-10-2019 : 0:00

For any impartial observer, the February 22nd citizen movement constituted - by its peaceful nature and its watchwords which express the anger of an entire people towards an ending patrimonial powe...

Sprint and marathon

07-10-2019 : 0:00

The recently created Independent National Electoral Authority is both one of the fundamental demands of the citizens' movement, launched on 22 February, and the main democratic mechanism for breaki...

Together and in force

06-10-2019 : 0:00

Launched on 22 September, the exceptional revision of the electoral rolls ends today. Its smooth running and the large number of voters at the municipal level are a first indicator of "the optimism...


05-10-2019 : 0:00

By the end of the month, all presidential candidates will have finished withdrawing the subscription forms, and it is to be expected that their number will increase steadily, a sign that the next e...

We're getting there!

02-10-2019 : 0:00

The Vice-President of the Independent National Authority for the Organization of Elections, invited to our Forum yesterday, announced the imminent establishment of delegations on the level of provi...

Messages of hope

01-10-2019 : 0:00

Constrained by its duty to occupy a central place since the emergence of the citizen movement, which it is the only one to have accompanied from the outset, in its various stages, and which has und...

Change Through the Elections

30-09-2019 : 0:00

Eighty candidates for the candidacy for the presidential election on December 12 had, until last Thursday, withdrawn the subscription forms from the individual signatures. Among the candidates are...

Rising To the challenge

30-09-2019 : 0:00

On the second day of his visit to the 2nd Military Region in Oran and the main marine base in Mersa El-Kébir, the Chief of Staff of the National People's Army did not fail to address the current s...


28-09-2019 : 0:00

The political landscape is being redesigned away from any party, clan or electoral clientele, and the next election will only reflect the will of the people to build a New Republic synonymous with...

On the Right Path

27-09-2019 : 0:00

For "attacking the authority of the army" and "plotting against the authority of the State" - very heavy charges -, the Blida Military Court, after a two-day trial, handed down its verdict: 15 year...


25-09-2019 : 0:00

From Béchar, where he began an inspection visit to the Third Military Region, the Chief of Staff of the national people’s army has referred to the political situation which, thanks to the prepar...

Quantity and quality

24-09-2019 : 0:00

The number of presidential candidates on December 12 who withdraw the signature subscription forms is increasing not days but hours after hours. No less than 39 applicants have, until yesterday, co...

A unique trial

23-09-2019 : 0:00

 The trial of four prominent figures imprisoned in May and whose investigations were completed at the beginning of this month begins today at the Blida Military Court. Said Bouteflika; brother...

Power to the people

22-09-2019 : 0:00

The electoral process for the holding of the presidential election on 12 December, the result of a long and laborious but fruitful dialogue led by the Independent Mediation Body with the political...

The band will not pass

21-09-2019 : 0:00

The Independent National Electoral Authority, an essential demand not only of the popular movement, but of, almost, all the opposition for decades, has finally been met. Its first president, an hon...

Building trust and confidence

20-09-2019 : 0:00

A few days after the convocation of the electorate for the December 12 elections, many candidates have already expressed their willingness to participate in the presidential election to put an end...

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