dimanche 18 août 2019

Music : Fadhila Dziria, the everlasting nightingale

PUBLISHED : 28-11-2010 | 18:40

A tribute was paid Saturday in Algiers, to the interpreter of the song Algiers, the deceased Fadhila Dziria (1917-1970). Initiated by the Association "Ahbab El Fannan Fadhila Dziria", a meeting that brought together artists, friends and relatives, was organized to mark the 40th anniversary of her death. Inspired from a musical background of "Ana touiri " and "mal h'bibi malou", two titles of the rich repertoire of the singer, an exhibition of photographs recalling some of her artistic life took place in the gallery of the Institute National of Music (INSM), where an amphitheater was named after the artist in 2009. A documentary film produced in the 1980s by Mohamed Lahbib Hachellaf, the author of some of her famous songs, whose music was signed Haddad Al-Djillali, was screened.

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