jeudi 09 juillet 2020 08:46:06

The Presidential election campaign of 12 December has been running since its launch last Sunday, in complete calm and serenity, the Independent National Electoral Authority (ANIE) said on Thursday.

At a press briefing, ANIE's information officer, Ali Draa, said that "the electoral campaign, which is on its fifth day, is taking place in complete calm and serenity", hoping that this climate will continue until the campaign is completed.

For ANIE, the assessment of the electoral campaign to date is "positive" in the sense that candidates "observe" the Electoral Code and the Charter of Ethics of Electoral Practice, added Mr. Draa, welcoming the support of citizens who attend popular meetings and support the programs of presidential candidates.

He also noted "certain deficiencies recorded by the authority regarding posters that have not yet been placed in the reserved areas, a point that will be addressed by the candidates next week".

Asked about the "prohibition" by some candidates to certain media of accompanying them to cover their activities in the context of the electoral campaign, Mr. Draa called on media institutions and candidates to "communicate with each other and show mutual respect so as not to amplify things and focus on certain details to make the electoral campaign and the entire electoral process successful in view of the conditions facing the country".

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