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A medical caravan was headed on Tuesday by the Ministry of National Defense to the Mechtas and landlocked villages of the provinces of Skikda and Khenchela, it was noted.  In Skikda, this caravan, "the first initiative of its kind launched by the Ministry of National Defence", travelled to remote areas of the municipality of Ouldja Boulballout to provide "in accordance with instructions from the General Staff of the National People's Army (ANP) to assist the citizens of these isolated areas", said Colonel Mokhtar Djedioui, Commander of the operational military sector in the province.

 The caravan will thus go to the Mechtas Hadj Ali, El Harek and Oum Dhaou, which have a total population of 1,650 and are 100 km from the capital of the province, according to the same officer who specified that the caravan, which has an ambulance at its disposal, is supervised by four doctors and five nurses who will provide medical consultations and medicines.Three other similar caravans will soon be sent to remote areas in the communes of Ouled Hebaba, Essabt and Oued Zehour, added Colonel Djedioui.

 In the province of Khenchela, a military medical team from the regional military university hospital ''Colonel Abdelaali Benbaatouche'' travelled to the village of Siar in the commune of Chechar (80 km south of the province) providing free general and specialized medical consultations to the inhabitants of Siar and the neighboring villages of Zaouïa, El Ouendoura and El Amra.  Medicines were provided to the patients, some of whom were referred to the military hospital ''Colonel Abdelaali Benbaatouch'' in Constantine for follow-up.

According to Khenchela's military communications officer, Major Kherissi Tarek, the initiative is part of the implementation of the annual military health services program for the provision of health care to people in remote areas.

 This action is expected to reach the rest of the inhabitants of the Mechtas and villages of the province in the future, according to the same source. Doctors and paramedics from the 5th military region participated in this action, which is one of the ANP's humanitarian missions," added the same officer.  The initiative, which was planned throughout the year, was greeted with satisfaction by the citizens, who praised the medical assistance provided by the doctors of the National People's Army to their remote areas.

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