lundi 06 avril 2020 06:59:20

The Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs, Youcef Belmehdi, stated yesterday in M'sila that "religious discourse cannot be dissociated from nationalist discourse".

Speaking at the opening, at the House of Culture Guenfoud-Hamlaoui, of a national seminar on "national constants and the role of religious institutions in their consolidation", in the presence of executives from the sector of several provinces and academics, the Minister considered that "the cohesion between religious discourse and nationalist discourse that appears during the different phases of history has contributed to an awareness that has helped to overcome the crises and difficulties faced by the country". "Algeria today faces great challenges in building its institutions in accordance with popular demands, which reject any dissociation between religious and nationalist discourse, just as the imam cannot be separated from his society, which he has a duty to guide in order to move forward". "The imam can take initiatives and assume his role without the guidance and instructions of the responsible ministry in accordance with his mission," added

Mr. Belmehdi, called “to fight against those who preach for the dissociation of religious discourse from national discourse on the basis of intrusive ideologies". Initiated jointly by the Directorate of Religious Affairs and the university, the seminar is part of the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the outbreak of the Liberation Revolution and the university's opening up to its environment, the organizers said. The Minister will continue his two-day visit to the province by laying the first stone of the project for a mosque named after Sheikh Mohamed Ketou, inspecting the Amar ibn Yassir mosque project in the commune of Sidi Ameur and launching the project for a Koranic school in the commune of Medjdel. He will also visit the project to extend the zaouïa El Kacimia in the municipality of El Hamel.


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