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A tragedy in the hospital of Ouad Souf

PUBLISHED : 24-09-2019 | 16:01

Eight (8) newborns died in an early Tuesday fire in the city's October 17 maternity facility in El Oued, and more than 70 people were rescued, according to a civil protection source.
Eight newborns died, three from burns and the other five from asphyxiation, while more than 70 people were rescued, including 11 newborns, 37 women, and 25 workers, it was reported.
The origin of the fire at around 4:00 am was due to an electrical short-circuit, according to initial information gathered on site.
Minister of Health and Hospital Reform Mr. Mohamed Mirawi decided to suspend the province health director and the hospital director as well as all the medical staff on duty yesterday night.


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