A Winning nation

PUBLIE LE : 22-07-2019 | 17:19

Great pride crosses Algeria from north to south and from east to west, not to mention the immeasurable joy manifested by our diasporas throughout the world. Much more, this great pride, the result of the dazzling final victory of our national football selection, at the African Cup of Nations, following its exceptional performance, was shared by many neighboring countries and friends.

Clearly, such singular moments in the life of a people and a nation, moments constituted of a happiness lived and shared, are simply historical, to the extent that the collective memory will make of it point of reference that will be both emotional and cultural.

Welcomed as heroes upon their return from Cairo by millions of their compatriots, the Fennecs (coach, executive staff and players) were received by the head of state who testified to them «the appreciation, recognition and consideration of the Algerian people towards the whole team: for you have enabled us to live a true national cohesion and have brought joy to the millions of Algerians, in Algeria and the foreigner, who, draped with the national colors , shouted loud and clear for a strong and glorious Algeria»

During this highly symbolic ceremony, medals of the Order of National Merit, in consideration of the historical value added to Algerian sport, were awarded to the team  for their efforts, their determination to go all the way, their fair play, their beautiful way of defending national colors.

Supported by a whole people and accompanied on their sublime continental journey, both by the public authorities and by thousands of fans – whose transfer operation is still ongoing – who did not hesitate to make the trip to Cairo to be at their side, the Greens, bringing back their second gold star, were simply the best of all the African teams competing.

At the summit of Africa, they have neither the vertigo of heights nor the arrogance of the victors, but the humility and lucidity of sharing and continuity in the work. It is true that we have won our second star with great struggle, and that our merit is indisputable, but the festival, in addition to being Algerian, is surely Arab and African.

Although the African Football Confederation (AFC) should make a financial effort and be more equitable vis-à-vis, at least, the finalists, since this year’s competition brought in no less than $83 million to the AFC, an astronomical sum, according to the chairman of the court, whereas the finalists only got crumbs (less than 7 million for both). But that’s another story that needs to be revisited.

In the internal context that is ours, that of a strong will for change in governance, it is clear that this sporting victory has a particular resonance, that of being able to advance together in union and serenity. And, in any case, feet on the ground, another dream is born, the one carried by the song sung in communion between fans and players: «Eh, oh, salute our heroes, this is only the beginning, the rest is to come!»

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