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Plans to secure the semi finals

PUBLISHED : 14-07-2019 | 18:12


The National Security Directorate (DGSN) has set up a security plan to mark the African Nations Cup semi-final, scheduled for Sunday evening, between the national team and its Nigerian counterpart.

According to the department's statement, the game that will be broadcast directly through many squares and public places, is expected to know a wide presence of national team's supporters.

The security plan, which is forced to take this occasion, included securing the broadcast points in public places, by putting security formations on the path of roads and streets leading to them, and ensuring the traffic flow, so as to guarantee the patrols of passengers and a foot for the police forces, to guarantee the security of the supporters and to provide the suitable atmosphere for following the interview.

The Directorate called on all supporters and public road users to abide by traffic law rules and to take safe and sound driving.

To recall, the hot line 1548 is 24/7 at the service of every person in the four corners of the country.



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