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German investment turns in

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The German Chancellor  Angela Merkel  has  shown determination to turn Algerian  German relations into strategic ties by means of boosting up business exchanges and helping in  pouring smart investment into Algerian market. The event is worth telling when the German Chancellor was received by president Bouteflika who insisted in making of both countries interests a new bridge of all out economic exchanges. Germany is by excellence a priore partner of Algeria  in terms of industrial car making  through its Algeria giant-based Mercedes Beinz  and Volgwagen . In less than a decade, more than 200 enterprises acting in different sectors are setting foot in Algeria , and fifty projects have so fare being achieved in partnership deal with German enterprise. Germany remains one of the most main supplier with 3 mln Dlrs , but the volume of export  is in need to be reshuffled upward  since it is less than 100 mln dlrs at this level, it’s worth saying that we want this big country to give us push so to set a diversified economy, promoting a fruitful investment and to get out from oil dependency we trapped in. In this sens, opportunities are numerous in all field of activites, notably in the industrial and agricultural field. Prime Ministre has let know that up till now more than twenty projects are underway to be achieved. This embodies a strong will of both country’s executives to go forward in strong cooperation and manage with new enlarged partnership .  


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