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Algeria is a "citadel of peace and national reconciliation," said Wednesday in Tissemsilt Minister of Mudjahideen (National Liberation War veterans) Tayeb Zitouni.

[ecr]hiddenIn his address at the Cultural Centre of the commune of Bordj Bou Naama, as part of the commemoration of the death anniversary of shaheed (Liberation War martyr) Djillali Bounaama, Zitouni said that Algeria "constitutes a citadel of peace and national reconciliation, faithful to the principles of 1st November Declaration (...), a civilizational project and source of pride underlining the sovereignty of Algerian people."

Algeria, in the current context marked by regional and international crises, has given lessons and met many challenges, added the minister.

"Algeria is enjoying peace, stability and development thanks to President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who launched several major projects in the sectors of Health, Housing, Education, Higher Education, Agriculture and Culture," he said.

Zitouni stressed the need to pursue the reforms initiated by the Head of State and enshrined in the amended Constitution.

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