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Justice : Cross border crimes under scrutiny

PUBLISHED : 03-08-2018 | 15:31

 Algeria has issued over the past three years, 727 warrants of arrest, as part of the fight against cross-border crimes, said Justice Minister Tayeb Louh.In a statement at the end of his visit to the headquarters of the High School of Magistracy of Koléa (Tipasa), the minister said that over the past three years, Algeria made “great progress” in the matter of judicial cooperation, notably the extradition and the deliverance of warrants of arrests.During the period "ranging from July 2015 to July 2018, 727 warrants of arrest were issued for the arrest of wanted individuals in foreign countries, the launch of extradition procedures," as well as "the issuance of 39 extradition requests, 281 international letters rogatory and the reception of 277 others."This account which has been unveiled by the minister is part of the fight against global crime, as the cross-border crime, he said, "has become a major threat to the societies. This threat is multiplied by the increasing movement of individuals, illegal immigration, the increase of the world terrorist groups’ activities as well as the proliferation of the international drug trafficking."The minister said that Algeria worked on forging "efficient" judicial cooperation, in view to fight against the border crimes. It concluded "mutual legal assistance agreement on extradition with Arab and European countries.

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