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Minister of Justice Tayeb Louh said Thursday, in Tipaza, that the democratic choice is an irreversible constitutional principle, underlining that using free expression spaces to call to abandon achievements is improper. “The democratic choice is a constitutional principle which has become an irreversible national constant,” affirmed the minister in the installation ceremony of the new public prosecutor at the Court of Tipaza Nacef Hocine.“It is improper to use spaces devoted to free expression, fruits of democracy, to incite explicitly to plunge the country back into a past era,” added Louh.“The sector of justice which was prepared for this era thanks to the reforms it initiated, is, by virtue of its constitutional prerogatives, the responsible for the achievement of these objectives,” notably when it is about “establishing the rule of law,” he added, emphasizing on “the respect of magistracy, the steps of the action and its specificities.”Louh said that he is making such a speech because of the bargaining marking the national scene and the fomented conflicts which try to scorn the law, not only in Algeria but all countries respecting rights and freedoms.The rule of law, which ensures the balance between the rights and duties, “can’t be established only through magistracy even if all the conditions and means are met,” affirmed the minister.

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