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CNDH Hails media progress

PUBLISHED : 04-05-2018 | 17:02


The National Human Rights Council (CNDH) welcomed Monday the efforts made by the public authorities in promoting media, notably the decriminalization of press offences depriving liberties, thanks to the amendment of the Constitution in 2016.In a communiqué released on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, celebrated on 3 May, CNDH welcomed the efforts made by the public authorities in promoting media thanks to the amendment of the Constitution of 2016, notably its article 41 paragraph 2 stipulating that “the press offense couldn’t be sanctioned by a sentence depriving liberties,” calling for a revision of “the law relating to information, in the light of the main amendments of the Constitution.”The Council stressed the importance of “organizing the sector, notably after the establishment of the  Broadcasting Regulatory Authority (ARAV),” calling on the authorities “to complete the setting up of the Written Press Regulatory Authority (ARPE) and the High Council of Ethics and Deontology of the journalism profession to adapt to the society’s changes and to the nature of the changes marking the universal system in terms of communication and media.”It called for “the openness of media, promotion of skills and the strengthening of capacities, in addition to encouraging the professionals of this field to invest in the human resources, likely to contribute to the intellectual and cultural influence and favor awareness-raising freely.”It was also recommended to allow “the access of citizens to an accurate information and take note of the evolution and development of the Algerian society and the nature of changes recorded in its local, regional and international environment as well as the current and future stakes. 

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