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Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah, deputy minister of National Defence, chief of staff of the People's National Army, on Monday emphasized the need to include History as a basic subject on the curriculum in all training establishments of the Army, the ministry of National Defence said in a statement."To carry out a thorough study on the main principles of the glorious Revolution for (the country's) liberation, make an assessment of its strategic options and shed a light on the specificities distinguishing it from other revolutions in the world, the Army's Department of Communication, Information and Referral held Monday, at the National Army Circle, a conference on the military doctrine of the Algerian Revolution (1954-1962)," the statement said.The conference was chaired by the lieutenant general, in the presence of the ministers of National Education, Culture and Communication, in addition to national and historical personalities, Army officials and students.The event featured university teachers, Mujahideen (national liberation war veterans) and officers, who presented papers or told their own relevant stories shedding a light on the most significant aspects of the topic.In opening address, Gaid Salah expressed "the Army High Command's great interest in national history in general, and especially the history of the glorious Revolution of November 1954.Gaid  Salah stressed the importance of holding such a conference a few days after the Algerian people's celebration of the Victory Day (March 19), the statement said.

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