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Govt adopts bill on Public holidays

PUBLISHED : 16-03-2018 | 13:58



Council of Ministers, met Wednesday in Algiers under the chairmanship of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, examined and adopted a bill amending and completing the law of July 1963 establishing public holidays.The amendment is meant to formalize Yennayer as one of the country's public holidays.The bill's adoption has been an opportunity for President Bouteflika to invite the government to speed up the presentation, at Parliament, of the draft organic law on the creation of the Amazigh Language Academy, attached to the president of the Republic.The draft organic law is in an advanced stage of preparation.On December 27th, President of the Republic had decided in a Ministers Council meeting to decree Yennayer as a public holiday, a decision which was implemented on January 12th by the ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.The inclusion of Yennayer in the list of public holidays establishes it as a national identity and cultural referent for the Algerian people.The unprecedented initiative has been taken by the head of State to boost national unity and cohesion.


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