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Frm Messahal calls for Arab League reform

PUBLISHED : 02-03-2018 | 15:10


Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel called Thursday for a "deep reform of the Arab League system" considering the situation prevailing in the Arab world.In a statement to reporters following the audience he granted to the head of the Arab Parliament (PA), Mechaal Ben Fahd Al-Selmi, who is on a visit to Algeria, Messahel emphasized the "need to carry out a deep reform of the Arab League system, be it the Arab Parliament or any other Arab institution.""Considering the situation prevailing in the Arab world, the extremely important reform will allow us to take decisions freely and resolve our problems."  Messahel welcomed the role of the Arab Parliament in "meeting the challenges facing the Arab world, including the conflicts in some regions and the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.The prime minister said raised with Al-Selmi "the importance of the policy of civil concord and national reconciliation as well as dialogue in the settlement of conflicts".

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