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Faith show enters TV

PUBLISHED : 16-02-2018 | 8:38


Religious education is taking a new turn by having new Qoran readers or Imams picking TV channel to address citizens. Most of those under the age of 35 are now picking their religious knowledge from the Internet and satellite TV channels while imams in mosques remain as The director of the CRASC, Djilali El Mestari, speaking on the sidelines of a meeting discussing "Young People and  Religiosity," focused on those he called "Imam Stars" or "TV imams," who  have religious broadcasts on Satellite TV channels, and their influence on young TV viewers."The TV imams are a point of reference in terms of religion for the young while imams in mosques are closer for older people" serving as religious teachers and muftis, he explained.Djilali El Mestari, citing the survey, said young people looking for a fatwa for their religious practice solicit foreign preachers or mufti more than national counterparts.Satellite TV channels and websites are "indispensable for the young and exert an increasingly growing influence on them."Globalism, El Mestari noted, has made of the field of research an open area where it is impossible to speak of religiosity in a specific region or country.

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