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Security : Army units crush down terrorist groups

PUBLISHED : 19-06-2017 | 14:39


People's National Army works on boosting its military capabilities and optimizing its deterrent equipment to face any attack against Algeria's sovereignty and national security, the deputy minister of National Defence and chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah, said  while on tour to Tamanrasset . Pursuing a large scale operation , the National army  has succeded in dismantling a terrorist groups :Three terrorists were eliminated, while three others and eight individuals supporting criminal groups were captured and one terrorist surrendered during the operation launched on 11 June 2017 by the forces of the People's National Army in coordination with the different security services in Constantine and Skikda (east of Algiers), said Saturday the Ministry of National Defence. A terrorist called B. Fayçal, alias Abou Sofiane, has surrendered Saturday to the military authorities of Skikda (510-km east of Algiers), in possession of a Kalashnikov submachine gun and a quantity of munitions, said Saturday the Ministry of National Defence in a communiqué.

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