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When Candid turns pitiful -

PUBLISHED : 06-06-2017 | 12:11


Candid Camera TV show is about to go on tie break  with  the broadcasting Regularity Authority over the deontology limits. Ennahar TV channel  has dared to go beyond  by playing puppeteers with their Guests. This new very hostile show has raised  anger amid TV viewers, triggering by the same a very large solidarity  by men of letter after the ill treatment inflicted to novelist Rachid Boudjedra, In this  sense, General Manager of Ennahar TV Annis Rahmani has decided to definitely stop the broadcasting Candid camera programme  ikn response to a large protesting sittings held before the Regularity Authority office. Whodelivered a note of protest denouncing the practices contrary to the principles of deontology," and expressed its full solidarity with novelist Rachid Boudjedra after he was offended in a candid camera programme broadcasted by the private TV channel Ennahar," ARAV said Saturday in a communiqué. Dozens of intellectuals, artists, journalists and academics gathered in Algiers on Saturday in front of the headquarters of the Broadcasting Regulatory Authority (ARAV), as a sign of protest against "irregularities" in some programmes of the special Ramadan schedule of the private TV channel "Ennahar" and against "offence" to Algerian novelist Rachid Boudjedra.

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