mercredi 20 mars 2019 03:01:23

Fourth Ait Hichem’s carpet festival, kicked off Sunday, beyond its festive and commercial aspect, is a recognition act for the role played by weavers of this village for preserving and transmitting this cultural legacy, to which this latter owes its fame.Speaking about Ait Hichem village, located on a 1,200 meters over a mountain ridge in Ain el-Hammam, about 60 kilometers south-east of Tizi-ouzou, is evoking these genius weavers who worked hard on this craft product to allow it face the time’s ravages and preserve the soul that carpet deans conferred to it.Among these deans, Taos Ben Abdeslam, passed away ten years ago at age of 102, worked all her life and trained young weavers (girls) at the municipality’s carpet school, which was created in 1892.


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