lundi 01 juin 2020 16:19:06

 The European Union election observation mission for 10 May 2012 legislative elections in Algeria has expressed Sunday here his satisfaction with "the cooperation and assistance" provided by Algerian authorities during their stay in Algiers.

"The EU observers would like to express sincere gratitude for the cooperation and assistance provided by the Algerian authorities during their mission, especially the Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice," the EU mission’s final report said.

They also hailed the cooperation and assistance provided by political parties and candidates, as well as civil society organizations, EU delegation in Algiers, representatives of EU member states and other embassies.

"The EU mission thanks particularly Algerian citizens and media, for their welcome," the source added.

The report underlined that observation mission "was accomplished and enabled to draw up a report including findings and recommendations on the basis of the observers’ work."

The EU mission said that it was allowed to observe all the process: the pre-election operations, the voting day (opening, voting, closing, and vote counting) as well as post-election operation (compilation and confirmation of results) in all provinces of the country.

On the polling day, 845 voting stations were observed from their opening until closing, i.e. 1.74 per cent of the total number of stations.


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