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Hamoud Boualem : Nat-l soft drink back on stage

PUBLISHED : 29-07-2012 | 12:21


Hamoud Boualem, the oldest Algerian company, specializing in softy drinks, still in business, is a model of success and valiant resistance to the vicissitudes of history, society and ,,, tastes. Having experienced two World Wars, a war of liberation and many years of instability, Hamoud Boualem, the brand, continues to thrive. The foundation of Hamoud Boualem dates back to late nineteenth century, some years before the appearance of two global brands of soft drink (Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola).

Youcef Hammoud, the founder and grandfather’s grandfather Boualem Hammoud, is then established in the district of Belcourt (now-Mohamed Belouizdad, Algiers). He worked as a flavors distiller and lemonade maker.

He decided to launch, by adding sugar and sparkling water to its essences of lemon, a lemonade. Then Hamoud Boualem is born in 1878.

The success came quickly. In 1889, during the Universal Exhibition held in Paris, lemonade "Youcef Hammoud", who was then called “La Royale”, was awarded a gold medal. Will follow in twenty years, other gold and silver medials won at various exhibitions in which the company took part.

Timeless, this drink is known today as the "Hamoud the white" and remains a safe bet for the company. Why were the French occupation authorities interested in an Algerian award-winning company, while they struggled to dispose of anything that symbolized Algeria?

The company outlived nationalization thanks to contribution to the Revolution ...

In 1951, Youcef Hammoud (great-grand-son of the founder Youcef) and Abderrahmane (nicknamed Dahmane) Hafiz, a close relative, proposed to buy the company.

Thus they have recovered the family legacy, took control of the company and become now the major shareholders. Through its contribution to the liberation war, the Hammoud family outlived the nationalization process initiated by the Algerian authorities in the aftermath of independence.

Indeed, the Hammoud’s and six other families were spared in recognition for their contribution to the Revolution.

In late 1980s, the company achieves excellent results by making maximum benefits of economic openness characterized by the arrival in Algeria of major brands of soft drinks. it also undertook significant expansion in operations in a context of tough competition. However, the situation the country faced during the 1990s slowed that progress.


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