lundi 01 juin 2020 18:33:18

The parliamentary elections on Thursday, followed by nearly 500 foreign observers, was "free, transparent, regular and fair," Head of the AU observer mission Joaquim Alberto Chissano said Friday in Algiers.

The AU mission, consisting of 200 observers, noted with satisfaction that the elections on May 10, 2012 took place in calm and serenity, "said Chissano during a press conference held just after the announcement of election results. The head of African observers also "paid tribute to the Algerian people and all political actors for the maturity they have showed during this process. "

The mission urged all political actors in Algeria to "respect the will of the people" expressed through the results of the polls and use the legal remedies for any claims or disputes. However, the mission noted "the inadequacy of domestic observers who can strengthen the credibility of the electoral process".

And to "consolidate democracy, promote the rule of law, peace and stability", the mission urged all stakeholders to collaborate, to establish a mechanism for permanent dialogue between political parties, strengthen national observation, ensure greater involvement of civil society and lead to broad national campaigns of "voter education


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