lundi 13 juillet 2020 10:46:19

Youth, handing their concerns and their contribution in decision-making process have been Friday in the menu of the speeches of party leaders running for 10 May elections.

Thus, General Secretary of the Union of Democratic and Social Forces (UFDs), Noureddine Bahbouh, pleaded during a meeting in M’sila, ’’for lifting of all forms of tutoring imposed on youth’’, emphasizing the urgency of’’ handed over the levers of management (the country) to young people.’’

He noted that young people are ’’entitled’’ to deal effectively with the concerns’’ of Algerian youth, saying "there is that young people who fully understand the problems faced daily their peers.’’

For his part, the head of Jil Jadid party (New Generation), Sofiane Djilali promised that he "will spare no efforts to serve youth," if he were to win seats in the National People’s Assembly (APN).

During a meeting in Algiers, he defended his ideas for a better management of social concerns of citizens.

Moreover, the Front of Socialist Forces (FFS) emphasized the importance of the "mobilization" of the population in the elections for a "radical political change, but peaceful."

"The politicians are discredited in place. In addition, we see the disaffection of the population with respect to politics. Parties should make efforts to keep hope alive," said the first secretary of party, Ali Laskri, in Algiers.

For his part, Secretary General of the Movement of National Understanding (MEN), Ali Boukhezna pleaded, in Bejaia, for change and called on voters to seize the opportunity to cause rupture’’ with the former methods, former practices and mismanagement’’, marked, “by the proliferation of bureaucracy, high rates of unemployment and exacerbating the housing crisis.’’

The president of Fedjr el Jadid (new dawn) party, Tahar Benbaïbeche, said in Sidi Bel-Abbes that the next election will be a "decisive moment", whereas the future Assembly will be like a "constituent assembly founder of modern Republic of Algeria".

In Bejaia, the secretary general of the Algerian People’s Movement (MPA), Amara Benyounes, warned against abstention or boycott in the coming parliamentary elections, an attitude which may, according to him,’’ disadvantage’’ the democratic camp, and ’’ delay change in the country’’.

’’ There is no other choice but the overwhelming vote to force change,’’ he argued during a meeting, adding that’’ the fact that there is no cutoff score, the attitude of abstention would be futile and would benefit the conservative and islamist movement.’”

The President of the Algerian Rally (RA), Ali Zeghdoud stressed that his party advocated in Khenchela "the concept of renewal and added that the next general elections were "a real opportunity to spend the long awaited revival."


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