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Fighting on all fronts

PUBLISHED : 04-08-2020 | 0:00 | EL MOUDJAHID

The facts clearly show that after the destruction of medical equipment and the verbal and physical aggression suffered by the medical profession, criminal hands are continuing their dirty work, in an attempt, with inveterate revenge, to undermine the achievements of the new Algeria, which represents a radical break with a corrupt, predatory and authoritarian regime.

The sudden and impromptu water cuts in Aïd-el-Adha and the burning forest heritage are clear indicators of a systematic campaign of destabilization. Does it make sense that water stops flowing only during the two days of Eid?

Is it conceivable that the promising results of the agricultural campaign, which was better than the best year (2018) since independence, could be wiped out by the sudden July outbreak of arsonists guilty of crimes against the ecology?  The forest fires increasing in intensity, particularly in the provinces of Tizi Ouzou, Béjaïa, Sétif, and Tiaret, rich in Aleppo pines, have a human origin linked to the illicit trafficking of forest products, poaching, and cork looting.  The causes have been identified by the Directorate General of Forestry, calling for increased vigilance. Pending further explanations, an immediate investigation has been ordered by the President of the Republic to shed full light on the succession of acts committed during Eid. This subject was discussed yesterday at the meeting of the High-Security Council chaired by the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Minister of National Defense, Abdelmadjid Tebboune. It is a question of determining the causes of the fires that ravaged the forest heritage, the lack of liquidity in some banks and post offices, the shutdown of the Fouka desalination plant and the unannounced cuts in water and electricity in parts of the capital and other major cities during the two days of Eid. On the basis of the investigations carried out by the security services, it is indisputably established that criminal hands, with financial inducements, are behind the acts of aggression against doctors, all bodies, the destruction of movable and immovable property, the theft of the bodies of the deceased and attacks on the dignity of patients, the medical profession and the deceased.  An order was signed on Sunday by the President of the Republic to repress, with the greatest firmness and rigor, these premeditated aggressions whose aim is to sow doubt about the authorities' ability to effectively manage the pandemic. But beyond the ignominy of the acts that violate the dignity and life of others, the formidable mobilization of the army in white coats and soldiers of fire is the best response to the apostles of chaos, from here or in golden exile, at the service of foreign agendas.


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