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The band will not pass

PUBLISHED : 21-09-2019 | 1:00 | EL MOUDJAHID

The Independent National Electoral Authority, an essential demand not only of the popular movement, but of, almost, all the opposition for decades, has finally been met. Its first president, an honest and competent lawyer, had, at his first press briefing, at the end of his plebiscite, every reason to say that this "authority, created for the first time in our country, is rarely equaled, given the content and dimensions of the constituent law which provides all the guarantees of a real and free practice of citizenship".

Yesterday, on Channel III of the national radio station, he clearly explained why it is important to move immediately towards the presidential election, giving at least two arguments: the first is that this election can confer on the future president a strong and sufficient legitimacy that can only result from a sincere and transparent election, and the second, relating to the deadline set, is that it will avert the dangers that can arise from a transition period and reduce the costs of solving the current crisis at all levels, particularly political and economic. Obviously, while all the conditions are now in place for the popular will to express itself freely and without any constraints, the fact remains that "citizens are also responsible for the success of the election, through the exercise of their right to vote", he continued.

As with the Dialogue and Mediation Body, the Electoral Authority is the subject of a series of assertions, some as misleading as the others, such as the fact that it is "designated", whereas it has been "proposed" by members of civil society and political groups that participated in the dialogue, and that its President has been elected by show of hands and publicly in the presence of the press. Clearly, the attacks on it, which in fact concern the entire process of ending the crisis, come mainly from the band's supporters.

On this issue, from Tamanrasset, where he is on a working and inspection visit, as usual, the Chief of Staff did not fail to shed light: "We have observed on the ground that some parties, among the gang's relays, use freedom of movement as a pretext for their dangerous behaviour, which consists in creating all the factors that disturb the peace of citizens, by draining citizens from different wilayas from the country to the capital every week, in order to increase human flows, in public squares, with tendentious slogans that are not innocent as these parties claim.

Their real objective is to mislead the national public opinion with these misleading means to proclaim themselves fallaciously as the spokespersons of the Algerian people." And this is all the more true since the infiltration of the markets by elements in the service of the gang has been gradual, but the closer the solution to ending the crisis is, the more these elements multiply their movements, and, through provocative slogans, try to pervert the citizen movement and hinder the march of the Algerian people.

Through this war of diversion, where freedom of opinion and expression or freedom of movement are called for, with the sole purpose of attracting the sympathy of foreign non-governmental organizations and presenting themselves as "victims", the gang's relays want only one thing: to oppose the will of the people and drag the country into instability. However, it is becoming increasingly certain that in this duel, the gang, which sees in the election its tomb, will not pass, especially since the majority of the people are accompanied by the National People's Army, which is responsible for Algeria's security and stability.


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