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New silk road at sight

PUBLISHED : 07-09-2018 | 0:00 | MB

New silk road opens up to big global business race, that makes frontrunners of  Chinese market  to enter competition. Algeria sound like being more advantaged while bluntly stepping in this gorgeous diversified  business bonanza.  Both countries have so have shown determination to  make headway toward stronger partnership  by means of win win development projects.  Chinese enterprises keep expressing their interest to large development project in Algeria, notably in the building infrastructures  I,e housing , motorway port and airports . Today is appears more likely that the president Bouteflika by sending a strong message to his Chinese counterpart is seeking a very special statute of partnership bearing a strategic  label. The Chinese African Forum of cooperation  stands as great boosting opportunity in increasing the exchanges volume  between both continent.  Algeria and China  get together in developing a sort of an efficient partnership model : South South  which is due to  reflect  strong  support of the continent . Algeria initiative to make business with China happens to be a right model of smooth  living together within close  business making  understanding . in his message, to Chinese President President Boutelika has recalled that this coming deal share the same objectives than the ones that bear the concept of building a common destinity. The very huge skilled Chinese capacity to deal with Algeria in various sectors are not still to tell, the need of enlarging ties between both countries are growing up at the pace of giant like  steps – What more interesting than having  a very rich soil of 2 mln sqr klm out of which a virgin business landscape in need of skillfull  technology  to make it attractive in a sense of most developed country . China has so far shown determination to enter more deeper into Algeria market so to match up with strong desire to set in a low cost a technology transfer  under a win win partnership .




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