Shale gaz makes « U » turn

PUBLIE LE : 06-10-2017 | 0:00 | PAR MB

Shale gaz makes a U turn at the pace of a controversial debate. Being a year early met with total disapproval for its “very risky exploitation” and an hazardous  cost evaluation, this  gigantic rocky cracking operation  is once more stepping up  amid an economic crisis  - This infinite zeroed  gaz wealth deposit  makes Algeria standing at third position  behind USA and Canada . As nature abhors vacuum  the need of bouncing back  over a low ebb economic situation is likely to trigger  a new mind set  so to cope up with bipolar choice  between conventional gaz exploitation ; renewable –clean energies   an have ignition light of shale gaz bleeping ? This equation sounds being indeed profitable for having this variety of resources. A sort of stimulus that is now on the table, spearing  up  an energy Tink tank  national committee in need of a wakeup call . We all abide by the best an profitable way to make  a comeback to secure days . By re igniting the debate over the gaz shale exploitation,   Time has come to twist toward smart substitution economy based on production  and leave dormant gaz bonanza to act as serious challenge to our economy. Now the finance bill has being passed with no much damages in the coming state budgetary and publics expenses  despite the oil  prices decrease ,  there is still another extra mile to go so to regain ground  an pieces  up the puzzle over .


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