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The healing ordeal

PUBLISHED : 30-09-2017 | 0:00 | MB

The action plan presented by the prime minister before the upper and lower houses has triggered lot of questions ahead of its implementation. The vantage point of the debate is likely to attract more experts in quest of changing the course of the event by substituting the plan for other solution away from money printing solution- which is by now the only way to serve for avoiding IMF issue. The present plan deserves to exist as such, through its risk warning of the economic situation – Being at the brink of a nearby collapse, a national brain storming is the most welcome by all so to figure out in a pace of an emergency case the ideal shortcut leading the better situation.  Presently, the alarm clock is ticking at shortage of DZD 2500Bln  bank notes per year  to be printed, at the range  of 3 year probation of a non conventional financing . The government plan is seemingly eyeing the coming five year plan and by then relying on new oil price back bouncing so to have another go. By now, the crisis outing is very far off a chest beating action to regain stability, a lot is to come in terms of budgetary cuts  the coming financial bill is already heralding very tight measures to reckon with, in terms of purchasing power which doomed to shortcuts. This ordeal is worth said to intervene as a fast tracking period which sounds  as troubleshooting moment. In the day after of this, the oil based economy has to leave room for a pragmatic, decent non hydrocarbon investment so to cope up with a strong and vital local production based economy.  Still an extra mile to go before getting things fixed up, the trial period in which the Algerian economy has to go trough is to abide by smart tin tank  which seems  standing at vacuum  point . Time has come to release  much more intelligentsia so to put on tracks a very  competitive economy  and a powerful purchasing power that deserve to  meet with such wealthy country that is Algeria.



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