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Wagging the dog

PUBLISHED : 15-09-2017 | 0:00 | MB

A very bumpy  information popped  out from your TV screen just as Prime Minister Ouyahia delivered a serious wake up call with regard to hard times to come :No more money to pay Salaries for November.. But Gee….! Money printing is coming for rescuing a risky situation in which we are embedded!  No one could resist such smart make to believe diplomatic way to prepare for a soft crisis therapy by means of recovering fifty Blns of liquidities that have vanished into informal business. The financial gap happens to be that so big so as to mention an  emergency response to this situation. It worth having this kind of substitute better than living on an endless vaccum.. One important reason for that is the persistence of high risk premiums because of fears that government might be tempted to tackle the burden through inflation-in effect, by printing more money.  Presently, the government abides by a rescue plan so to fix up the economic situation in terms of how to solve finance policy problem. The very first option is the most likely to serve as bargaining means  to negotiate a middle way between A and B plan. Presently we stand half way from collapse-risk With the fall of oil prices, bad times start showing up amid some uncertainties of tomorrow. Sometimes wagging  the dog stand as very pleasant scenery to cope with, in a sense that pouring yourself in an easy come easy go situation needs more than one way to lead you at the end of the tunnel.



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