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Cliff hanging situation

PUBLISHED : 25-08-2017 | 0:00 | MB

The start of new social season is likely to meet some unpredictable facts to get along with. All is set for the new government and his social partner to open up for a get together around  crucial issues  so to untangle the twist and torn situation by which oil related economy make it happen. In one way or the other, Unionists, Employers, and Govt team try to fix up fix things in direction of well balanced  social platform due to respond to the present low ebe situation. The purchasing power, unemployment  running parallel currency  and  taxation stand as being the ills  of the Algerian economy the tripartite team  have to reckon with.  Solutions might in this sense  forcibly emerge as a medium term healing  for covering  the extra mile to go of the presidential program under way to reach the punch line.  Being at the brink of  cliff hanging situation, troubleshooting came to show up as the last but not the least  means to substitute for this critical moment: We all know how in the past Algeria has dealt with similar cases. Prevailing experiences make headway as healing ordeal  so to bounce back on foot: Here goes   the extraordinary saga of a “bend without breaking economy “ . From  the behind the scene move, a lot to say about what come next, the already credible  political message by the head of state to the nation is underway to meet natural response by all social partner who gave way salvage recipe  dealing with some revamps to go within publics expenditures and budgetary issues. When it comes to make changes, we all bind by observing the right move at the right place, the Excellency of such move must indeed be the nicest when taking the soft way to do it. The next rendez vous by the tripartite is meant to have all the parties well aware of the situation, by means of pinpointing all issues that are due to be dealt with. Tomorrow is another day. A magic face turn is seemingly taking place thanks to a maverick like   Algerian experience that have already overcome numerous  difficulties.






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