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Fire warning

PUBLISHED : 11-08-2017 | 0:00 | MB


Fire warning against forest blazes is set  so to tackle  this  vicious scourge that is  still haunting the large part of forest lands. It indeed took time to finger out the urgent need to stop the havoc, The aftermath  of this huge burning point  had extensively triggered national patriot act by putting the citizens at the forefront the this struggle . In the day after of the mayhem things have starter to go better  while witnessing a large national contribution thanks to early warning made by remote distant  call so to prevent  catastrophic  event . This laudable initiative made by the ministry of communication  all around the 48 wilayas through radio channels  is to pull up  the need to short distant  links between people in terms of mapping up uncertainties of tomorrows. Today, we ‘re all concerned by commun enemy  of mother nature ; the forest . Material and means to fight  fire disaster are put in place all over  the country.  What is need most is the communication and the way to  guide it over the very target of the ravaging flames , here stand the point that now is  on the dashboard of radio chanels who keep on making a round a clock  warning over any suspicious event that may flsh out from the bush.The very first enemy is the man who is still at the forefront who act as firecracker . Several  individual are under arrest for  being accused of setting fire in the bush. It may appears abnormal seeing flames ravaging forest land, the image  is back again as usual all over the word, in a certain degree none has yet fingered out the real cause of this damage, but at a certain stage, we are lining up with  the hunger of mother nature if not being respected ….


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