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Focus : PM. Tebboune kicks off Plan of action

PUBLISHED : 23-06-2017 | 0:00 | EL MOUDJAHID

Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune kicks off  the  Action Plan of the Government before  members of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament), in conformity with article 94 of the Constitution. In a solemn move ever made by previous govts, Prime Minister Tebboujne has unveiled new plan of actions before Mp’s  stating that the Action Plan of the Government to deputies is “a crucial step” for democracy in Algeria, underlining “the commitment” of the government to work in collaboration with the People’s National Assembly to strengthen cooperation between the Executive and the legislative power. Encouragement and facilitation actions will be carried out by the government “with a view of including the informal sector in the formal space” in order to establish greater transparency in the economic an trade activity, notes the government’s action plan for the implementation of the programme of the President of the Republic, which will be presented next Tuesday to the People’s National Assembly.In respons to this plan of action, Deputies of the People’s National Assembly called on the new government to continue the implementation of the new model of economic growth and the expenditure rationalization policy to achieve the expected economic transition and reduce dependence on hydrocarbons, notably in this context marked by the drop in oil prices and financial resources of the Treasury. MPs at People's National Assembly (lower house of Parliament), discussing the government's action plan on Wednesday, greeted the fact that no foreign indebtedness despite the financial difficulties Algeria faces following oil prices drop, calling for other financial resources to fund and diversify national economy. Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune said while presenting the government's action plan at the People's National Assembly (lower house of Parliament) that national economy remains stable and the situation is acceptable in spite of the end of the financial opulence and a decline in the financial resources, because of the fall in oil prices.


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