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Close up

PUBLISHED : 09-06-2017 | 0:00 | EL MOUDJAHID

A photo taken close up over economy is a worthwhile sign to reckon with amid present situation. The new Got’ team is  likely to take a new turn  with regard to priorities assigned to him I,e boosting the economy and get business back on track  In this regard experts  take the pick by focusing  on what is needed to perform in various sectors such as services and industry . For the time being all signs for the second Quarter  of the current year and that of 2018 are turning into green  notably with a possible resumption of  investment  which  is the State ‘s barometer of the national economy. Not long ago, the World Bank  has decreased the the Algerian growth previsions  for 2017 2018  because of lower oil price , giving a slowdown of 1.8 pc  It’s worthwhile recalling like in other oil producing countries  that Algeria has suffered the lower oil prices impact  making the state acting over new  budgetary fittings  so to  face the  oil price aftershock . Three years later, a look like miracle happened with the commitment of the business executives  to the new policy set by the acting . Such support is seen  like a strong signal of an all out  cliff hanging  process so to get things well fixed. prime Industrialists seem being optimistic as regard  spectral   prospects of production in  numerous industrial sectors  in spite of some  drops in building  and public works  sectors.  The new government led by Prime Minister Tebboune  will take advantage of a profitable conjuncture, which is likely less  fruitful than that of his predecessor  but endowed with a  well  better moral  In the business field, even things  have gone that fast, it remains that  some good results  are looming ahead in a sense that some enterprises seem under way to engage as face off fight against oil low price effects  It’s worth recalling that in spite of long range of macroeconomic and structural reforms, the business climate has remained in shy position because  pack of obstacles – the first one  comes from the high cost  and the shortage of production factors  The access to land constitutes  a serious obstacle to enterprises  In spite of the implementation of new fiscal reform , Algerian entrepreneurs  consider that this reform won’t go that far  so to better up in a significant way the competitiveness  of their enterprises The difficult access to financing  stop seriously enterprises to make quick  positive move  Last but not least, The constraint of the informal market  makes a negative influence on the business environment and  competitiveness of other national and foreign companies . the parallel economy weigh remains  to much important .



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