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A Building man takes over

PUBLISHED : 26-05-2017 | 0:00 | MB


A wind change is in a process of blow, right after the legislative elections, the out going Prime Minister Sellal left the cabinet, leaving room for former Housing and trade minister to take over. Such pick by the Head of State Abdelaziz Bouteflika  shows up amid  new prospects of gearing up   the slow motion move of the govt action. Abdelamdji Tebboune, well known  for his warrior like temper is likely the man  to be reckon with . Coming  from a strategical sector of Housing, the former minister  has successfully handled a 2 million dwelling plan due to forever replace shanty dwellings nationwide.  Being part of prior concern of the head of state in terms of  “down the road reorienting process” the once  building man  was picked for such mission of   matching up with present twists and turns  of  hydrocarbon based economy. Nowadays, the situation  is seemingly favorable for Abdelmadjid tebboune who presents  quite good qualities  of dealing with the whole pack of the President Bouteflika inspired program . Soon after his nomination by the Head of state, the new PM has pinpointed the three key concern I,e Housing, Health care, industry and agricultural , these priorities  as he said  most be included into a fast moving economical bloc. Sensitive issues such as banking and finance are regarded as  the spearheading ones  to deal with,Prime Minister Tebboune has so far fingered out the necessity to  tackle these point by means of lifting   some hurdles tending to slow down the development program. In  other words, direct investment, real estate policy and Business executives are called upon  to settle down a smart partnership  in a  Quikcly and surely move from plan A to Plan B. The post hydrocarbon  era is closing in, sustainable energies  who present the backbone of the coming  non oil economical strategy  are looming ahead , the new prime minister is taking another step in direction of taking up a most bigger challenge by leading his team to achieve an ambitious program: “necessary” and “urgent” economic restructuring will be the priority of the new governmental team so that Algeria will no longer depend on the fluctuations in oil prices he concluded.



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