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Summer time

PUBLISHED : 20-05-2017 | 0:00 | MB

Flower blossoming matches up with business thriving, mother nature has lot to say about such linkage. As long days of vacations close in, along with the holy month of Ramadhan ,  some keep scratching  their head s over what to swallow after a long fasting day. Somewhere, around the corner, a big deal seems on the way to reveal how much money to put in for resisting the whole goods consuming month.  Terrible ordeal to be reckoned with , presently  nothing has yet  emerged in terms of  social protection net  for preventing the  skyrocketing prices which seem looming ahead. the so called   quality control monitoring committee  plays elbows amid long range  of  queuing people in quest of cheap price  to meet with their power purchasing .  Who knows , with the gracefulness of  the almighty , the mercy will come again to alter the rugged temper of some “easy come easy go” money makers.  We all abide by social justice, Charity committees are blossoming nationwide so make needy bit happy a  far way from starving – What a wonderful day seeing such initiatives taking over uncertainties ,  but still to come , the fight is far from over. A week to go before entering the holy  month of ramadhan. For some, time has come to make money at cost of bypassing the law  - All is likely to be played out, teens turn  into green merchants  selling whatever meet with Ramadhan consumption , far from any control, an open air black market  take  stand right in your neighboring area,  all is for sale. A real business academy takes place, money keeps on turning around spurring up  a one month  informal business.  In economics all is well that’s end well,  Should we realize that  this situation comes from a pragmatic way of making money and by then preventing unemployment  - still remain the  screen of a bad smoke that threatens  a good visibility of social policy which tend to build up a certain balance  while bringing the right measure in downplaying the savage growing underground liberalism.



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