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The making of peace maker

PUBLISHED : 12-05-2017 | 0:00 | MB

Libya is about to witness one of the greatest moment of its peace  clear away , the last  visit paid by the Algerian  deputy foreign minister for African,  Maghrebin  and  Arab affairs  Abdelkader Messahl to  Libya has proved lot of clues  leading to an inclusive dialogue between all conflicting parties . In the day after this visit the Libyan acting prime minister Es Seraj dropped in Algiers  so to complete a long range of difficult troubleshooting mission  conducted by Algeria in order to set up  a new Libyan “national get together When it comes to settling a regional problem at  door steps of its borders ,  Algeria stand as the very first concerned : The UN support mission in Libya Martin Kobbler has paid great satisfaction  of  noticing large progress in  teaming up war lords,  tribal leaders  from the Fezzan , Tripolitania, and Cyrenaica – By means of deep  Algerian inspired brokerage expertise , Abdelkader Messahel  came to  make big hit in  laying down  an understanding ground  for national Libyan unity  able to  fix up  a sovereign State .  Amid all speculation here and there,  the present peace offer  remains the only solution to get through by all Libyan parties, in a sense that the past peace making attempts  have somehow failed  because of foreign interferences in Libyan affairs.  The very median line to take upon was that of telling overseas pressure cookers not to push much on a one way western solution  which has so far caused  the Libyan disaster, splitting up a very fragile  Gadaffi’s consensus. Now that  political piecing up  makes its way toward  having  an acceptable  grouping, Libya takes new turn  in  taking into account her national and regional security so to prevail as very  driven force  to be reckon with – In this regard, and regardless of margin skirmishes  a reaching to end moment in under way. So to get back to  right tracks, What’s most better than  having  a one for all and all for one nation based on unity and complete reconciliation. Algeria, well experienced in this field  is about to make a once more  maverick  move into  neighborhood peace settling duty.



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