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Elections : A new MP’s face off

PUBLISHED : 07-05-2017 | 0:00 | EL MOUDJAHID

The aftermath of the 2017 legislative elections  is likely to present a new political landscape in view of  majority taken seats by two top political parties the FLN and RND . In this regard, media  went on casting lights on what will be the future challenge within the assembly, and so, the legislative process in term of law passing  and proposals expected by new comers in this honorable institution  will come to the end :The national daily El Moudjahid stated that "for those who know Algeria’s political landscape and the real role of the political parties, Thursday’s vote didn’t change anything.”"The National Liberation Front (FLN) party won a relative majority, and thus remains the first political force, even if it now has to deal with " other forces, including those supporting the presidential programme," the paper added.La Tribune paper, for its part, noted that "the preliminary results are known and, in a few days, the Constitutional Council will give its ruling about complaints, it will also make public the final results, but this will not significantly change the trend. The FLN and the RND hold the lead."Arabic speaking news paper El Khabar considered that "the spoiled ballot defeated the political parties," as there were over two million blank voted, while El Fedjr said that the "significant" number of spoiled votes "is a warning that impacts on the credibility of the elections."French speaking paper El Watan described the spoiled votes as a "new electoral phenomenon", underlining that "more than two million voters chose to slip invalid ballot papers, a figure that represents one third of the votes cast."Other newspapers have focused their comments on the rejection by some parties of the legislative elections results, like Horizons which said that "the pretext of fraud resurfaces."For Le Soir d'Algérie, "the fears of the authorities and the political class have been confirmed: the abstention has reached a very high rate," considering this position as an "active boycott".The Echourouk newspaper evoked "an ongoing silent battle on behind the scenes for the chairmanship of Lower House and ministerial positions." 


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