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Smart change

PUBLISHED : 04-05-2017 | 0:00 | MB

After three weeks campaign, the  ballot casting d Day  kick off the most important event of the country. The real time for new Assembly election  is already coocking up. Very early in the morning wide open polling stations  witness the  very early voters  rushing in for casting their  ballots. It’s worthwhile  being in the hub of such election atmosphere to see how far democracy  therapy has gone . During the whole campaigning process, smoothly and surely, we have had all walks of political figures trying to push for their different sides . The main point of these electoral campaign was meant to pick up the new work progress made in matter of civil right obligation . Citizens were all out to put their mind for who is to vote for in accordance to convincing program . Proposals  voiced up till now are supposed to meet very urgent need of the voters  who sticks by key issues dealing with their daily life in matter of housing and purchasing power. The last named issue stand at the forefront of the coming Ramadan fasting month. Being largely   tight up with “ what to put next in your dish”, a  certain  awareness is developing,  likely the one based  on consumption values which stand as mile stone of economy’s chart of the country. Presently the very common citizen may tells you about the GDP , having in mind the serious  oil price failure. No way to foil around, time has come  to have new representatives eager to handle crisis situation  while preserving social advantages of workers, and not let go savage  informal money making on behalf of  citizens interests .  The vantage point of this election lies in the fact that  Algeria is seemingly  making  smart change , the faith  a 55yrs born nation came to new turn amid Global development, and new tenets  of world economy. The renewal of the parliamentary hemicycle  is obviously about to tell about the maturing  of the Algerian people . In spite of all social skirmishes,  Algeria is on the verge of turning from A to B plan , which is an obliged  thoroughfare  for the next move toward  an emerging country .Oil dependency, is progress  leaving room to  multifaceted production so to compete with in the world market. Let cross fingers of not missing the train that takes to better days…..   



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