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The end of Who’s who ?

PUBLISHED : 29-04-2017 | 0:00 | MB

We’re all bind by giving push to what make us think that we are getting out of Standstill. In the wake of Election Day so to renew new assembly, some start to realize the long process to take before turning the direction the right side. Polling stations are seemingly capturing nationwide focus on what tomorrow is made of : Voters, non voters  will all have one way or the other helped in electing new representatives. Amid mish mash like situation of who’s who, time is ticking on the edge of ballot casting operations. A D Day  not like others,  a milestone  that still determine another round of democratic race has occurred in the “City” – A worthwhile trick to take upon Greek  inspired democracy  being at Pyrrhus cost or landslide victory. The result will speak by itself,  the  expected voters turnout   will only determine  the ratio based participation rate  without hammering the course of the election process. In the pace of ballot casting operation, we have new generation of U 18 green hands  at age of echoing their voice to take into account in this race. They come from nowhere, with no political orientation but only a civil right to defend. They will be the one the make the balance on which way to take in the future.  Political awareness that have raised into the minds of these newcomers  is pretty well making its way  in a takeover like swap  between  the old and new generation .  They all  give kick off to  brand new blue print in politics . More than 75 pc is perceived under 20 , It’s up to them to  get things moving.  Putting aside all useless skirmishes on who’s or whosn’t   voting ,  the ballot casting day will have spoken once more by electing new assembly .. The main thing is that the country and citizens as a whole have chosen their representative for the coming new term .



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