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Tireless tracker

PUBLISHED : 23-04-2017 | 0:00 | MB

Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal is likely to  snatch  “ the loneliness of long distance runner award. His last work  visit to Oran came to cover up more than 2 ml Sq. Miles coverage.. The tireless tracker  has mostly kicked off the whole range of nationwide development projects  that are scheduled in the presidential program for which  is doomed to complete . In the western capital Oran, Housing  one of the main issue  that still  reveal sort of anguish among citizens  came to be settled with inauguration of thousands of new habitations.  This very significant visit of the prime minister, while touring several other social and economical projects  bears  a great  govt concern  so  as to put Oran on the Launch pad of being an eco mega pole in the region as a whole.  The strategic fact that still to be put into action requires more or less  all the focus included in the  national development program . When it comes to  look forward  in terms of  having the western part of the country coping with  diversity , things turn by themselves  for giving push to the awaiting agro industrial and economical projects in the region. This visit is worthwhile to be named as blue print for upcoming  challenge –  Being of the verge of big reverse,  the  Western capital Oran is by now recording  big auto making plants. Its versatile agro industrial tissue  is a lot to say about , a glimpse at sea , Arzew oil refinery port  Oran offers  a most powerful eco  system .  Not far from there, the very fertile landscape that still  make of Oran the most prestigious  food producer , the green western Plaines are the next to be looked after in combination with future new renewable energies . Here stand the real challenge of taking the bull by the hornes so as to  make a very smart swap  growing development programs . The accuracy of the genuine presidential program came to reveal the non stop work progress  still on the road, this tireless and harsh  move is seemingly on the right path in order to  turn the direction on the side to take, I,e  the very smart one ….



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