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Elections : To stand still is to retreat

PUBLISHED : 15-04-2017 | 0:00 | MB

Some weeks to go before voting operation  kicks off, the event is worth while  being put in the limelight, since it comes for  renewing the honorable Assembly.  All is set  in terms of making success story out of this  ballot casting  process . Candidates give their best to charm up the still reticent voters  amid  suspicious climate by some who brace for boycott. In this Mic Mac like scenery, the party leaders   play  last ditch  in order to fix up things and secure  as much consequent participation as they can  .  The campaign has started so far giving the impression of shy beginning,  lauding by the same  new political program s  presented before their militants-  The confidence building operation is first to be in the forefront  between voters and candidates, down the street  citizens  are still waiting for nice gesture to help them think of a better tomorrow . Presently candidates keep on moving in TV slow motion with déjà vue  speech- Expectations of having something new to come are  still in the air . The future will let us know about it, some predict  a very good turnout  the skeptical ones don’t give dime for it  As goes the saying, to “stand still is to retreat”  A large spectral  of this voting operation  make us think of a political Vacuum going on here. “No passaran” players  have an extra mile to go. The dice is cast -let the chips fall where they may  When comes time to fulfill citizen  duties  nol back mirror to look through  since it turns to be the very true mass participation in the election of new parliamentarians: For what it worth, these elections  came to crown  the political work progress made since the start of our independence.  Tomorrow is another day, more than 52 thousands voting stations  will deliver the names of new comers  in the hemicycle, and by then  they will face new confidence put on them  so to make a good four year term .



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