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Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum

PUBLISHED : 07-04-2017 | 0:00 | MB

A real hide and seek is taking place amid treacherous and barbaric “ let  go” by the international community . The wild animal life would turn  down far behind what  is today the Syria survival. A gas mass murder attack is carried out by air against   thousands of Syrian civilian in the province of Idbil, Perpetrators  of such crime are securing for the umpteenth time  their biblical killing . Not a single strong opposition came to condemn as yet this   crime. The UN Security council has meet to address a mere written disapproval of this killing  taking into account  the Russian Veto  which seems lilely to prevail as a major proof against “Terrorism” A week before , the Moscow metro terrorist attack has left more than 14 dead the signature of this attack has triggered a strong message by Daech to  Moscow military intervention in Syria, Here stands, the real threat of defying  Russia… President Putting has no  way  to come up with expect to react  a by proxy attack on  Idbil. The use of Chemical weapons by the Syrian regime bears a Tit for Tat   action further to Metro attack in Moscow.  The event is worth being  seen under a retaliatory angle, his strong opponent in the region , United State and its allied  are marking  a vicious and silent back turn  to this horrible crime , fearing by the same to be attacked on their turn for their last attack against civilians in Mossol Irak, the similitude of this military intervention in the region is on the way to open up a wider spectrum for game changer based on a tweedle Dee  Tweedle doo  operation. When it comes to Daech, the terrorism turn into a legitimate self defense by both superpowers to finish with the scourge – Using  lethal serin gaz  against civilian populations is the very ever first  threat of passing the message that terrorism will be defeated at the price of humanitarian  crime . Time has come to decide  on whether to  keep going with an all out ascalation in the region  an deeper plunging civilian population into inferno of mass destruction weapons  or picking the right way to deal with terrorism…



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