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Repeat offending mission

PUBLISHED : 01-04-2017 | 0:00 | MB



The Arab League summit met for the umpteenth time in Jordan amid   conflicts  scared Arab world. The prevailing situation is likely to meet once more another severe blow in favor   of an ongoing warmongers. Up till now since its creation in 1948 , this honorable institution hasn’t help  much making her way so to promote herself as a sovereign and strong decision maker to settle  primary  Arab borders skirmishes  that are still  undermining the region , and profoundly splitting  Arab league members.  No need to comment about a two day talks that come up with a mere final resolution and a soft make to believe wish calling for an end to Yemen, and Syria crisis –  A sort of a serial déjà vue action  which tend to be a repeat offending mission . What makes   such a freezing bloc to act  in such a way is the complete absence of strong policy and an all out commitment by members to turn this institution into  a credible bloc to reckon with.  Time has come to think of going deeper in reforms and   setting new vision in accordance with today expectancies.  As the world turns into smart geopolitical race  based on economic interest, the Arab world makes backward step  into mudslides, still dreaming of Chest beating days of Arab Unity – Somewhere somehow, things moves in bad direction , triggering more and more damages to this nation on behalf of an ego centrism  which continuous to prevail as substitution  to remnants of a one way  Arab socialist vision . Today, Arab leaders came up with very meager results, leaving room to fire cracking process  of old feuds to act as warlords keeping flames alive within empty shelled institution. A wake up call is to pop up, so to make  total reforms and have a strong institution as capable to handle and prevent conflicts so to tackle some more serious problem of developments and the Arab Nation compete on equal footing with its peers in the world, that’s what we stand for. In spite of  a shy  exhibition in Amman, let’s keep mind up for the next round to see a much better improvements…



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