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Elections : Get out of the Kitchen !

PUBLISHED : 24-03-2017 | 0:00 | MP

The upcoming elections are closing in  amid a wish of having a fair and a crystal clear ballots . New comers in this parliamentarian race  set themselves for an ever since rendezvous . In a so far so good manner, things are seemingly making headway  in spite of not yet acquired voters confidence -   The candidates  are given green light to start  campaigning  in order to convince reticent  voters  on a basis of  who’s first to  brace large audience. The process  is  likely not as simple as that  to look for, the newly named monitoring voting committee is put so far under pressure by his commitment to capture  the right finish line photo of these elections.  The atmosphere tend to present  some uncertainties given  poor    preparations  by political parties  who still play a wait and see . At the door steps  of the parliament, a noticing image of renewal is already taking over outgoing MP’s . Will that make out of the coming ones the best to deal with ?  This new parliamentarian term  poops up in a very sensitive situation marked by harsh social and economic  problems, the shortfall of oil prices unemployment and housing sound being of heavy weigh over the new MP’s mandate .  To compare with the last assembly, things were moving in soft and slow motion amid a profitable “bonanza” that have partly covered the hidden tip of the iceberg. Now that melt down happened, here we go with another real face off with a downgraded figures  so to fix up a twisting  economic forecasts .  A very difficult moment await this new assembly which turn into a harsh position to  tackle  urgent expectancies of the populations in need of  first sign of clearances  so to keep away from very bad days.  Awareness happen to be the very first subject to put into mind of every  candidate who go for the race .No  false promise, but a determination to work hard , fulfilling tasks  in due respect to voters  and merit  of having served the nation. That’s the way to pick up, Citizens  look ahead for new image of MP’s, able to get things changed :  If  you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen……



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